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Note that although native events only have string keys, Domina will attempt to translate keywords to strings for lookup purposes. (defn sample-click-handler [evt ] (let [x (:clientX evt) y (:clientY evt)] (log (str "Click occurred at window coordinates " x "," y)))). The freshold.co protocol supports the following methods. In the disorientation of losing control over the program, he had a terrible time at keeping the real Domina in focus. Turned tables left him surrounded and looking around frantically for some means of escaping the predicament. But with Domina, only submission was ever the way out, so she aided the Multiplier in this. 9 Apr Originally posted by TiredTyrant has Domina Apr 8 @ pm. Just to pass on some experience that I think worked for me. 1st train all glads to meditate. Murmilla: high aggro, med evasive, and low as possible turtle. Θ Train only high strength, med weapon, and agility a little less than weapon.

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This is how I've made it through the campaigns. For such a simple graphical design, there's a lot of concepts at play with Dominadoctor sex uncensored mastering them all takes more than just a strong sword arm. Wait, dozens of comments and not one mention of the awesome Age of Gladiators??? domina only

: Domina only

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